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7.5FT Pre-Lit Tree Package



These premium lush semi-flat tip trees with natural green needles are perfect for any holiday setting. They were molded from natural tree cuttings and accented with light-brown stems. 

Our trees are specially made with our Instant Connect power source that connects the lights through the center of the pole from section to section. They come with commercial-grade warm white LED Lights. Each LED warm white bulb has a distinct candlelight style.      

Included with Tree Package 

  • 750 LED warm-white bulbs (Two times more than an average tree)
  • Premium Scratch-proof Tree Stand, X3 Eyebolts 
  • Extra strand of LED Warm White lights 
  • Free Heavy Duty Tree Storage Bag 

Interior Use Only 

Choose Your Decoration Package -  CLICK HERE 

Rose All Day
Champagne at Night
Passionate for Colour
Pearlized Eucalyptus
The Classic
The Zermatt

Choose your Decoration Package!

Check out the variety of style we have in stock. We carry limited quantities, so make sure to pick up your favourite design while it is still in stock!

All decoration packages contain enough pieces to fully fill the tree size of your choosing. 

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Realistic Pine Tree

Your family & friends will never know it's artificial until they touch it.

LED Candlelight Bulbs

Our top of line commercial grade warm-white lights will brighten up any space in your house!

High Quality Decorations

We source our products from a variety of high suppliers.

About Our Lights

Our 7.5FT - 15FT trees come with premium commercial grade warm-white lights with Stay-lit ® premium lighting systems. The lights include microchip technology, so if bulbs are burnt out, broken, or removed the rest of the strand, and your tree, stay lit. Each LED warm-white bulb is a distinct candlelight style. All light strands are for indoor use only. Complete with a CSA (Canadian Standard Associations) label, each strand is tested to meet the requirements of applicable CSA Standards. Each strand uses a 120V, 60HZ fuse and generates 3.6W. This can plugged into any North American outlet. These high-quality LED lights are both energy efficient, long lasting, and provide a comforting warm glow on your tree. 

>   4.5FT Tree includes 400 LED warm-white bulbs 

>   7.5FT Tree includes 750 LED warm-white bulbs

>   9FT Tree includes 1,200 LED warm-white bulbs

>   12FT Tree includes 2,850 LED warm-white bulbs

>   15FT Tree includes 4,450 LED warm-white bulbs.

Our 4.5FT Trees come with cUL standard LED bright warm-white lights on a green cable. Complete with a CSA label, (Canadian Standard Association) each strand is tested to meet requirements. This can be plugged into any grounded North American outlet. The high quality LED lights are both energy efficient, long lasting, and provide a comforting warm glow on your tree. 

All pre-lit Trees & Wreath packages come with an extra 50 Bulb warm white light string replacement. 

About Our Trees

Create magical holiday moments with Tree in a Tote's custom designed tree packages! Our namesake tree design is inspired by nature and beautifully crafted to last year after year. 

The natural shape of the tree ensures that there is little shaping involved when setting up, making your decorating experience more enjoyable. 


Lush semi-flat tips with natural green needles. They were molded from natural tree cuttings and accented with light-brown stems. 

About our Wreaths

Lifelike foliage adds wintry charm to your holiday celebrations. All of our wreaths have a natural shape for unsurpassed realism. We offer a variety of sizes to fit any door or fireplace. 

>  24" Wreaths contains 90 Bulbs, 120 Branch Tips 

>  30" Wreaths contains 90 Bulbs, 130 Branch Tips 

>  36" Wreaths contains 120 Bulbs, 145 Branch Tips  

Lit and unlit wreath options are available.

Wreaths can be used for interior and exterior purposes, however, if outdoors a protected location is recommended. 

If placing a lit wreath outdoors in cold temperatures, battery life may be reduced. All of our decorations are UV protected, although direct sunlight can fade certain colours faster than others overtime. 

NeverDim Battery Operated Lights are a warm white 5MM wide angle LED bulb. NeverDim includes a built in timer with four modes: Steady On, 6 hours on, 12 hours off, or 12 hours on, 12 hours off, and Off (2x D battery included) The lights are known to have a constant brightness over their life, with a safe and low voltage operation. 

Decorated Wreaths

7.5FT Pre-Lit Tree Package