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Tree Setup & Storage


We recommend setting up with a friend, as it is easier and more fun! It can take around two hours to assemble and shape a tree for the first time. Taking your time setting up your tree will ensure that it appears full and realistic throughout the holiday season.


  • Holiday Tree with lights (not decorated) 
  • Scratch Proof Stand (for tree)
  • Large Heavy-Duty Nylon Bag for Tree Storage 



    The setup instructions vary based on the size of your Tree in a Tote tree. Our trees are made for the quickest and easiest setup and require minimal shaping/fluffing. 

    Step 1   |   Assemble Tree Stand

    The tree stand provided in your package folds out into an X-shape comprised of four legs. Screw eye bolts into the stand just enough for the stand not to collapse. (Note: If eye bolts are not used, the tree can easily tip over. If eye bolts are screwed in too tight the tree will not fit)

    *Ensure that the stand is placed approximately 3 - 6FT from the wall before placing the tree in the stand as the trees circumference is widest at the base. Check out our Sizing Guide if you are unsure 

    Each tree section is numbered with a tag (eg. A, B, C..., TOP) Please indicate all sections before assembling 

    Step 2   |   Secure Instant Connect Tree 

    Insert the bottom section of the tree (labeled A) into the base and tighten the eyebolt completely. The center pole should extend straight up and should not wobble. All Tree in a Tote trees have hinged branches that are already pre-attached to the center pole — so you do not need to attach the pieces individually to the trunk. Do not bend hinged branches opposite way. 

    Continue adding each sections alphabetically until you have completed setting up your tree. The larger the tree you have chosen the more sections the tree will have.   



    Tree in the Tote trees are an instant connect through the center of the pole from section to section. They have ultra dependable warm white lights. There is a chip in every light socket that helps the trees stay lit if bulbs burn out, break, or come loose. 

    Step 3  |   Locate the Outlet & Plug in

    On the bottom section of the tree locate the male outlet and plug it into a working, grounded outlet in the wall. Once the tree has been plugged in, the tree will light up instantly. 


    1. Each tree comes with a on/off click foot pedal to easily turn your tree on and off. Ensure the foot pedal is turn 'on' after being plugged in. 
    2. Our trees have an easy instant plugging system between each section. The electrical runs through the center of the pole which connects all the sections together. 
    3. Check to ensure the outlet being used is working and does not have other electrical devices plugged in. 

    Step 4   |   Shape the Branches 

    After being in storage the branches need to be opened up. Open up the hinged branches on the bottom section and gently start to open up each stem on the branch. Please note that when setting up the tree there will be some greenery that will fall off. Do not worry this is normal! 



    Step 1  |   Open & Decorate 

    Before opening your decorating package lay a towel on the ground to contain any sparkles that may fall when unwrapping. Unwrap all the decorations from the packaging - some ornaments will be clustered together for a faster installation. 

    Divide all decorations provided into 4 equal piles. Once divided take each pile and evenly distribute on the tree. Start with decorating the "front" and continue this method for each side. 

    If your tree is located up against a wall - use the remaining pile of decorations and evenly decorate the 3 sides that are most seen. 

    *We provide enough decorations to fully decorate all sides
    Please note that all of our decoration packages contain some sparkles/glitter, this can not be avoided as many of the decorations used are made with this. 
    Please recycle all packing materials. 

    Admire your work and trees. 


    Basic Precautions should be followed when using this product: 

    • This is an electrical product - not a toy! To avoid risk of fire, burns personal injury and electrical shock it should not be played with 
    • Do not mount or place near a gar or electric heaters, fireplaces, candles, or other similar sources of heat. 
    • Do not cover with cloth, paper or any material when product is in use. (proper storage bags are provided)
    • Do not hang decorations or other objects from cords or light strings on the tree. Hang all decorations only on the tree itself 
    • For safety, unplug the product when leaving the house, retiring for the night or it left unattended. 
    • Do not let bulbs rest on the supple cord or any wire 
    • Do not close doors or windows on the products extension cords as this may damage the wire installation. 
    • We do not carry or sell glass ornaments. All of our ornaments are plastic, fabric, or resin, which makes them significantly stronger than glass ornaments. Although if dropped, any of the decorations can incur damage.
    • Please attach decorations securely to the branches of the tree when decorating to avoid items falling. 



    Step 1  |   Disassemble

    Remove all decorations and other items that we used for decorating and gently remove to put away. All decorations can be stored in original box they were sent in. 

    Using a ladder or step stool, disassemble the tree starting from the top - do not pull the tree on an angle as you risk bending the metal. The tree can be stored in the Free tree bag provided or in the original box it was sent in. 

    Store all wreaths in the box it was sent it or a bag to protect the ornaments from damaging. Store the wreath laying flat, or hung on a wall, if stored otherwise you risk bending your wreath out of shape. 

    Store the tree and wreaths in a cool dry place where the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.