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Tree Sizing Guide


Artificial Christmas trees come in various sizes and shapes. To narrow down your options, choose a spot to determine if you have space for a small Christmas tree or a tall one.

Use the measurements provided below to see the height and widith is appropriate for the space you chose.

All trees are measured standing in tree base, up to the very top of the tree. The circumference will be at the widest points, please keep this is mind when deciding where to place your tree. 

Tree Height  Circumference Width
7.5'FT  64" Inches
9'FT 72" Inches
12'FT 94" Inches 
15'FT 112" Inches  


Wreath Circumference Where to Use
24" Inch 
Perfect for an average front door
30" Inch  Extra Wide front door, or indoor wall decor
36 - 48" Inch  Above fireplace, or indoor wall decor



Our trees come with premium commercial grade warm-white lights with

Stay-lit® premium lighting systems. The lights include microchip technology, so if bulbs are burnt out, broken, or removed the rest of the strand, and your tree, stay lit. Each LED warm-white bulb is a distinct candlelight style. All light strands are for indoor use only. Complete with a CSA (Canadian Standard Associations) label, each strand is tested to meet the requirements of applicable CSA Standards. Each strand uses a 120V, 60HZ fuse and generates 3.6W. This can plugged into any North American outlet. These high-quality LED lights are both energy efficient, long lasting, and provide a comforting warm glow on your tree. 


  • 7.5FT Tree includes 750 LED warm-white bulbs
  • 9FT Tree includes 1,200 LED warm-white bulbs
  • 12FT Tree includes 2,850 LED warm-white bulbs
  • 15FT Tree includes 4,450 LED warm-white bulbs.

Compared to similar suppliers most 7.5FT Trees only include up to 300 bulbs, we custom build our trees to have more than double on all sizes. 

Your package will come with an extra warm white light string replacement with 50 bulb, green wire fully CSA approved strand.



Create a magical holiday moments with Tree in a Tote custom designed tree packages! Our namesake tree design is inspired by nature and beautifully crafted to last year after year. The trees contain lush semi-flat tips with natural green needles. They were molded from natural tree cuttings and accented with light-brown stems.The natural shape of the tree ensures that there is little shaping involved when setting up, making your time decorating more enjoyable. 


Tree in a Tote's artificial Christmas trees are composed of two main types of needles: PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Our foliage is modeled after real evergreen tree branches. They’re made from injection-molded PE designed to replicate the structure, texture, and colour variations of natural branches.