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About Us

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Tree in a Tote is one of the only companies providing professional decorated, realistic, artificial Christmas trees for any space you can imagine. Our professional designer focus on upcoming trends and create limited quantities of designs so that you know the product you're receiving is one of a kind! We believe in high quality product and unique decorations places and customize each package to ensure that you feel one of a kind! 

About our Designs

Have you ever spent way too much time and money trying to decorate your home to be as beautiful as you imagined? Tired of buying small amounts of decorations at several places only to find out that none of them match? We decided to make it as easy as possible to get the exact style and look you want. 

Our designers have over 30 years of experience decorating and designing holiday packages for prestigious clients. This year, we decided it was finally time to provide these amazing packages to your homes. All of our packages are made in Toronto, Canada.

Tree in a Tote is partnered with Visualize It Inc. to provide high quality decorations and professional designers. Check out Visualize It Inc for more information about our corporate clients.