Tree Setup & Storage

Before you Start

It can take time to assemble, shape and decorate your tree for the first time. You can easily set it up by yourself, but we recommend you ask a friend to help because it will be faster and more fun!

When you allow ample time to set up your tree, you will be delighted with the results…a lifelike and natural tree that will look beautiful for the entire holiday season. There are infinite ways to decorate a tree, and we provide suggestions, but the best advice we can give is to relax and enjoy the process! You will always succeed with our decorating packages.

Guide to Setup your Tree


STEP 1: Assemble Tree Stand

The tree stand provided in your package folds out into an X-shape with four legs. Screw the eye bolts halfway into the stand, insert the base of the tree trunk into the stand, then tighten the eye bolts so the tree is held securely.

Watch the video: How to setup an 'Instant Connect' Tree

All our tree stands have non-slip plastic feet so there is no risk of scratching your floor. *Ensure that the stand is placed approximately 3 to 6 feet away from the wall before placing the tree in the stand as the tree’s circumference (width and depth) is widest at the base.

Check out our Sizing Guide if you are unsure. Also be sure to choose a location with access to a working, grounded electrical outlet. We offer trees with two types of plug-in styles: Secure Instant Connect, and Standard Plug-In  


STEP 2: Assembling Standard Plug Tree

Each section of the tree is clearly labelled with a tag (example: A, B, C..., TOP). The tree must be assembled in the correct order, starting with A. When assembling the tree, plug in each section of the tree sequentially, so it is connected to the next section.

First, locate the male outlet on the bottom of the tree (Section A) and ensure it can be plugged into a working, grounded outlet in the wall. Tree In A Tote’s standard trees have sectional plug nests that are attached to the branches with Plug Outlet labeled and marked. Each section will have an open male outlet located near the bottom and a female outlet located near the top. It is best to plug in each section of the tree sequentially as this will make it easier to find the labeled plug.

For example, plug in Section A(bottom) to the wall, then add Section B and plug the male outlet on Section B to the female outlet at the top of Section A. 

STEP 2: Assembling your 'Instant Connect' Tree

'Instant Connect' Trees have electrical power provided through the center of the pole, which eliminates the need for plugs in the tree. The electrical outlets are within the center of the tree and connect seamlessly as you connect each section of the tree together.

Each section of the tree is clearly labelled with a tag (example: A, B, C..., TOP). The tree must be assembled in the correct order, starting with A. Insert the bottom section of the tree (labeled A) into the base and tighten the eyebolt completely. The center pole should extend straight up and be held securely. Continue adding each section sequentially until you have completed setting up your tree. The taller the model of tree, the more sections to be attached.

All Tree In A Tote trees have hinged branches that are pre-attached to the center pole, so you do not need to attach the branches individually to the trunk. Branches are designed to lift upward, so do not bend hinged branches down.

STEP 3: Connecting the Lights

All Tree In A Tote trees feature our ultra-dependable warm white lights. There is a microchip in every light socket that enables individual bulbs to stay lit even if one bulb on the strand happens to burn out, break, or come loose. This ensures a beautifully lit tree year after year.

Locate the Outlet & Plug in
Locate the male outlet on the bottom of the tree (Section A) and plug it into a working, grounded outlet in the wall. Once the tree has been plugged in, the tree will light up instantly. Ensure that you plugged in while setting up for the Standard Tree for it to fully light up when you plug it in. You can then use the convenient foot pedal attached to the bottom section of the tree to turn it on and off.


STEP 4: Shape the Branches

After being in storage or tightly wrapped in the box, the branches need to be manually opened to give a natural look to the tree.

Open the hinged branches on the bottom section and gently start to open and shape each stem on the branch. Please note that when setting up the tree, there will be some greenery that will fall off. Do not worry as this is normal!  


Step 5: Decorating your Tree

Before opening your chosen decorations, spread a sheet or towel on the floor to collect any sparkles that may fall when unwrapping. Remove the decorations from the packaging. Be sure to retain the original packaging to store the decorations after the holidays.

Directions for decorating are below, but you can also watch our How-to Video for Decorating your tree.

If the tree is in a location where it can be viewed on all four sides, then divide all decorations you wish to use into four equal groups. Evenly distribute each group of decorations on each section of the tree: front, back and two sides. Determine the ‘front’ side of your tree, which is the side that will be most on display. Start with decorating the front and continue decorating the other sides.  We suggest putting your largest ornaments on the tree first and then continue according to size.

After you have finished adding ornaments, you then evenly distribute other decorative picks/branches/sprays. If your tree is located against a wall or in a corner, you can divide your decorations into three groups, since you do not need to decorate the back of the tree. Any decorations not used on the tree can be used to decorate elsewhere in your home. Please note that all our decoration packages contain some sparkles/glitter that will shed off when handled, and this is normal. Please recycle all packing materials.

Disassemble & Storage

Carefully remove all decorations from the tree. All decorations can then be stored in the original packaging. Using a ladder or step stool, disassemble the tree starting from the top, and removing the top section first. Do not pull the tree over on an angle as you risk bending the metal.

The tree can then be stored in the free Tree In A Tote heavy-duty nylon storage bag provided, or in the original box it was sent in. The tree must first be disassembled so it can fit in the box or bag.

Store your wreaths in the original packaging, or a storage bag to prevent damage. Store the wreath either laid flat with nothing stored on top, or you can hang the wreath on a wall. If you store the wreath vertically (standing up) on the floor you risk bending it out of shape.

Store both trees and wreaths in a cool, dry location where the temperature will not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, away from direct sunlight, electrical outlets, heating vents, and flammable sources.

Basic Safety Precautions for Tree In A Tote products

  • The tree is an electrical product, not a toy. To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electrical shock, follow directions for assembly. Do not allow children or pets to play with the tree or decorations.
  • Do not mount or place the tree, garlands or wreaths near gas or electric heater, fireplaces, candles, or other sources of heat.
  • Do not cover the tree with cloth, paper, plastic, or any other material when the product is plugged in or in use. (A large, heavy-duty nylon bag is provided to store the tree after it is disassembled.)
  • Do not hang decorations or other objects from cords or light strings on the tree. Hang all decorations only on the tree itself.
  • For safety, unplug the product when leaving the house, retiring for the night or if left unattended.
    Do not let bulbs rest on the electrical supply cord or any wire. 
  • Do not close doors or windows on the product’s extension cords as this may damage the wire.
    We do not carry or sell glass ornaments. All our ornaments are plastic, fabric, or resin, which makes them significantly stronger than glass ornaments. However, if an ornament is dropped, it may be damaged. 
  • Ensure you attach decorations securely to the branches of the tree when decorating to prevent items from falling.
    Our plastic ornaments are UV protected to help prevent fading.  

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